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We repair shoes and bags
The only harness for parrots that have a European industrial design, toys for parrots, leashes for dogs and other pets. Their production under the name JMK szelki, harness
We also manufacture keys, chips for house entrances and others
Sharpening of knives, scissors, chainsaw chains
Sales of custom leather belts
Collection of feather cleaning
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   How to start:
   It is positive for a parrot to start as soon as possible from the next
   day you brought him home.
   Deploy in an environment where he will not run away. E.g. smaller room. Sit your parrot on the perch that you prepare there. Or the back of a chair, have it at chest level. If they are too low or too hight, will be very dificulte to put on. Keep your head calm, don't be nervous, irritated, or angry if you can't do it for the first time, that the parrot is twitching, screaming, biting, pushing its legs where it doesn't have. After the first, second or even tenth failure, DO NOT GIVE UP! ! ! If you do not give up, your parrot will be rewarded for seeing the sky above his head, seeing other birds flying around, the opportunity to sit outside on a tree branch and most importantly feel free even if he is only on the bushes, but free to not look through the window from inside the house.
   Your reward will be a satisfied parrot, which draws vitamin D outside ... The sun ..

   A reminder is the fact that we use harness  in the winter time is well. So that they do not forget. So deploy even in winter at least once a week on a day when the weather is friendly. Deploy, take a moment out and home.

   Never leave a parrot outside unattended. You are responsible for damage to the  parrot!

   From time to time it is necessary to check the elastic band,  whether it is still firm and not cracked.

   How to deployed harness:
   Loosen the harness over his left wing, put over his head and then under his left wing, pull to create an eye over his right wing and then move under wing. And then tighten on the belly on the buckle. Attach a carabiner with an elastic band to the lintels and fit over your wrist.
   When putting it on, we heve to be sure that the parrot sits (we hold it) so that it does not fly anywhere.
   Even though many of the parrots are not and will not be free flight, thanks to the harness, believe me, they will still be the happiest in them because .. YOU DIDN'T GIVE UP !!!!!

We wish you a good luck and happines of your parrot
Team JMK
email: jmkharnessuk@goglemail.com