We are a small family company, which we founded in 2008. We started with shoe repairs and gradually expanded to include the production of keys and chips for houses, apartments, elevators, etc.

We will ensure the opening of the apartment and the car.
We perform all repairs of footwear, partly also bags, bags, backpacks. We produce various leather products.
Repairs of leather jackets, replacement of zippers.
/ Let's mediate the cleaning of your feathers and the production of new products, quilts, pillows or baby duvets.
We produce harness (kšíry) and toys for parrots.
How did we get into straps and toy making?
We bought Alexander the Little years ago. We started a Facebook group where during the year we were one of the biggest parrot groups. One of the most common topics in the group was harnes and volnolet. Take the parrot out with you and thus diversify his life. So we decided to sew his straps. Alex hated them well.
After a while we bought an Amazon and here we saw that it is necessary to go differently. The bigger the parrot, the bigger the problems with putting on the classic harness where there was little room for the head. Yes, the parrot was upset. So we looked for a way to improve the straps so that they fit and take off as best as possible. Because the harness we used on this bigger parrot were a problem. He could be seen to be stressed and annoyed. The idea was born during the holidays. Upon arrival home, we only tied the straps for a test (we have them still stored). And it worked out at the first deployment, which was trouble-free and so quickly when he didn't even notice that he was already wearing the harness.
The parrot didn't mind. We started looking for the right material because it is very important. Since the straps are directly on the body of the parrot and if the material from which they are made is not really good, the parrot would not feel well and the strap would destroy its feathers!
Unfortunately, the one, but you can't find it with us. And so we had no choice but to look abroad.
Over time, we've improved them and tested them on other parrots to make sure they're safe and the parrots don't really mind.
The harness must be really simple without any other unnecessary things that distract the parrot and draw attention to them.
As a result, we worked on the final product and decided to have it registered.
We currently have an industrial design for these harness with Euipo.
And in the production of harnes, we also got to the production of toys. We decided to make toys because of the unsatisfactory toys that are commonly sold.
We make toys from natural materials and without staining wood. We use oak, beech, birch, spruce and fruit trees for production.
Ropes only natural. Coconuts, flax and, recently, our skin has worked. Toys must be safe for the parrot!
During the whole time we have been dealing with this, we have invented 6 types of different harness. Some custom made for a particular parrot. We are now finishing the harness for the adults, when the parrot has to fit well on the body so that it can fly with them. He is immediately ready to clip in case of any danger. We will not reveal what else we plan to do with them.
JMK harness only original!
Our vision for the future?
Over time, we plan to expand our range with other products not only from our production. We plan to sell products to other companies as well. So that the customer can choose what will suit his pet.
Woody our tester, on which everything was tested for a long time and sewed and connected in various ways until we knew that we could let them go so that we could confirm this from others. Here are still the classics, which bothered us and that forced us to look for innovation.
Photo No.1 is still a classic
Photo No. 2 already on the conch. By the way, the difference is about the 1st week
Photo No.3 already completed and only for transport in the car. Today, Woody is an adult after training.