1.) Each parrot falls into a certain category in terms of weight and size, so you should know how much your parrot weighs and measures. There is no need to weigh or measure the parrot. All you have to do is search the internet for how much your adult parrot should weigh and classify it accordingly. We know the sizes of parrots and so we will be happy to advise you. With us, but you can't get the size of XXS. We think that these smallest parrots do not belong in the kshir! They have enough flight at home. And rather than on the wings with you outside, they welcome the company of a friend of the same kind. Next, this is a big burden for them. So if you want him to be with you as long as possible, you will back down from this. These are parrots the size of budgies, agapornise, pyrury, macaw and more.
2.) Then there are parrots, which by their nature also do not fit rosettes, for example.
3.) I need to ask myself what I expect from it. For large parrots, try volunteer training. This will give the parrot what is most natural to him. And that's a flight. You will enrich his life and the parrot is healthy, has better developed muscles and lungs. They learn to breathe during the flight and so they do not breathe. That is why kšíry is used. We ourselves are free. We know how happy he is when it gets warm again. If, however, you never decide to unbuckle your parrot, and you teach him how to do it, that also counts. The parrot is not closed at home and you can take it on a trip, for example. It is possible to buy a lanyard for the flight and allow it to fly over longer distances.
4.) Harness is not the owner's addition to the handbag, but the parrot's harness, so it is necessary to realize that he will be wearing it. And so it must bother as little as possible, and so can the color. The best color is always closest to its color. Strong colors can only be chosen if you know that your parrot has no problem with them.
Such a proven universal for years which few parrots mind is black.
And if I know all this, I can proceed to choose the size.
Harness sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL
Size XXS  Parrots weighing 75-110 g But you can't buy them from us. We do not make harness for these parrots !!!
Size XS 110 - 190 g
Size S. 190 - 425 g
Size M.  425 - 600 g
Size L.  600 - 1000 g

Size XL.  1000 g